Privacy Policy

This page sets out details of what data we collect from users of this website when you access it and how it is stored and used. It also outlines what happens when you fill out certain forms or join any email subscription services on the site. By continuing to access the website you are deemed to accept this policy.


P.1 - The Website

P.1a. Google® Analytics is used to monitor how the website is being accessed. This software can detect how you found the website, either by inputting the website address directly, through a search engine, along with the search phrases used or whether it was through a site that has a direct website link to us. The software does not however make any attempt to personally identify you.

P.1b. Web Statistics software is installed on our server, this can identify information such as the geographic location of your computer to a very limited extent, IP address, Internet provider, the time or day you accessed the website, the internet browser you are using and certain details regarding your computer such as its specification. None of this information will be used to attempt to personally identify an individual. We do however use this data to improve the website and its performance.

P.1c. Facebook® Pixel is used to monitor interactions between the website and facebook. This software detects where visitors have are interacting with us on facebook via the website and vice versa, it also helps us to target advertising accurately. For example if a visitor is seeking our services for Wedding Photography then we can make sure we are seeing more about Wedding Photography than Portrait Photography for example. This collected information does not allow us to personally identify you, however if you have a facebook account it is always a good idea to ensure that your privacy settings are up to date. You can find out more about how to do this in the facebook help centre which can be found at the following address


P.2 - Contacting Us

P.2a. Unless we tell you otherwise, when you email us or fill in any contact us forms we deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible, we keep a secure record of your communication with us until we are able to fulfil or resolve your enquiry in full after which it is permanently deleted.

P.2b. We operate a no-spam policy, this means that we don't store email addresses unless you ask us to. For example should you simply email us to ask us a question we WON'T save your email address to send you marketing material later.

P.3c. Our business address is Blue Lights Photography, 66 Agnes Road, BARNSLEY S70 1NH, Our main contact telephone number is 01226 872 491


P.3 - Bridal Newsletter Mailing List

P.3a. You can subscribe to this mailing list by filling in the relevant form on the website. This form collects your name and your email address and sends these details to us in the form of an email.

P.3b. Upon subscription, The Bridal Newsletter is sent out to the subscribed email address once per month and contains information and offers carefully selected by Blue Lights Photography which we believe is specifically suited to engaged couples.

P.3c. Your email address is stored alongside other email addresses in a secure, password protected database solely for the purposes of sending out this newsletter. Your email address WILL NOT be used for any other purpose such as unsolicited marketing.

P.3d. You can OPT-OUT of the newsletter at anytime by emailing by contacting us via email with the subject as 'UNSUBSCRIBE'. You can also opt-out by calling us or filling in the contact form on the website. You do not need to tell us why you wish to be removed but it would be helpful to us if you could. This way we achieve a greater understanding of our clients. After an unsubscribe request is received, We will remove your email address from the database as soon as possible and you will no longer receive the newsletter unless you re-subscribe as in P.3a.


Privacy v2.1 last updated Thursday 1st September 2016