Terms & Conditions

This page sets out the terms and conditions which apply to your continued use of the Blue Lights Photography website, all of the web based services we offer and specific conditions which apply to any competition or special promotion offered through the website.

By accessing and continuing to use the website, you are bound and agree to abide by these terms as well as the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy


1.1 - Website General

1.1a. The photographic images, Logo, and portions of text on this website are protected by copyright, the copyright holder is Adele Haywood of Blue Lights Photography. You may not copy or reproduce any of these images or portions of text without exclusive written permission, otherwise you will be in breach of copyright and action will be taken. If you have received any images 'digitally' directly from Blue Lights Photography with the appropriate licence fee paid then these are free to use and carry no restrictions.

1.1b. The design, style, layout, data, HTML coding, certain images and significant portions of text contained within this website are protected by copyright, the copyright holder is Ryan Palmer, boxmediaweb@aol.com, and is provided for viewing & promotional purposes only. Editing or downloading with the intent to modify or reproduce any content is strictly prohibited without prior, written authorisation.

1.1c. Technologies used on this website include Java and Flash and open-source HTML components, these are the intellectual properties and trademarks of their respective owners.


1.2 - Cookies and Tracking

This website makes use of several technologies to help improve our offerings and service to you. Cookies are used to help us track how visitors get to our website and their usage behaviour on the site such as which pages are being viewed the most, and how much time you spend on the website. None of the information tracked personally identifies an individual or transfers any personal information from the computer they are using and is purely statistical. Users who do not wish us to collect statistical data are able to block this by disabling cookies or using a private browsing mode in their internet browser. More information on the use of cookies can be found in our Cookie Policy available here. If you choose to disable cookies we cannot guarantee that the website will work as intended.


1.3 - Website downtime

We aim to make the website available 24/7/365, however in reality this is impractical and on rare occasions the site may not be accessible due to certain circumstances beyond our control, for example power outage, necessary system maintenance, or limitations/restrictions applied by our hosting provider. Events of this nature are also likely to affect your ability to access any service we offer online, such as payments, access to any photographs we are hosting on your behalf or enter any competition we may be running. We accept no liability for this, however will always endeavour to rectify such situations with urgency and as soon as possible.

If the site is expected to be down for a significant period, we aim to make a posting giving prior notice of this on both our Facebook page and Twitter feeds as well as an estimated time we expect to have it resolved by.


1.4 - Use of your Images online & for promotional material.

Where possible, we always ask clients and the parents/guardians in the case of a child or owners in the case of any property, permission to use the relevant images online before doing so. Where free or discounted promotional shoots are involved you are usually granting us that right automatically unless otherwise stated or you make it known that you DO NOT wish us to do this. On the rare occasion that any image appears online, either on the Blue Lights Photography website or anywhere else we have published it and you believe you have not given permission for it to do so, or would like it removing for any other reason then you can contact us and we will gladly remove the requested image(s) within 24 hours of your request. However we accept no further liability under these circumstances.

We take pride in our business and commitment to privacy and quality so please be assured that no images will ever be passed to any third parties and will only ever be used by us considerately and decently.

1.4a. We occasionally use photos in galleries on 'Facebook' and other social networking services for the purposes of getting images online as quickly as possible and giving potential clients the ability to see new and different aspects of our imaging work. Only who visit our Facebook page have access to these images and they are used for promotional purposes only. Some images are only visable if a person 'Likes' the page.

1.4b. If you wish, you may 'tag' friends in any of the photos we have taken and uploaded to social networking, likewise you may set the image as your profile picture on any social networking site providing it is you in the image or you have permission from whoever the image was taken for. Any watermarks should be left intact and not 'cropped' out. Altering images in any way is strictly forbidden and we will take action against anybody who breaks these rules as outlined in the following term.

1.4c. You are prohibited from downloading and editing or printing any photography work we have provided on Facebook, this includes but is not limited to removing watermarks, cropping, resizing or enhancing without express permission. If you fail to abide by this term then action will be taken.

1.4d. Images on Facebook are of too low resolution to print and contain security features to protect them. You must only purchase any required prints directly from us.


1.5 - Photoshow - Discontinued

Photoshow was an online image viewing service from Blue Lights Photography offered until July 2012, we charged a one off fee for this service which when paid offered unlimited access to personal images chosen to be part of the service online. These terms apply specifically to this service for clients who bought it prior to it being discontinued.

1.5a. This service has been discontinued and is no longer available to purchase for new clients. It has been replaced by a new online gallery, proofing & purchasing service at http//order.bluelightsphotography.co.uk. Any clients who paid for the 'Photoshow' service can currently continue to access their online albums by visiting the exclusive link they were given at the time of purchase. Access to Photoshow is unlimited from our point of view. For example we don't specify how often or how many people may access it at any one time and we place no other restrictions on it. However, everytime you access Photoshow you use a portion of our allocated internet bandwidth, which has a fair use policy attached to us. If usage of this bandwidth exceeds a certain level then our hosting provider may advise us we need to reduce our bandwidth use and therefore we may be forced to temporarily restrict, relocate or limit your access to the service in some way.

1.5b. Photoshow is available for access indefinitely and has not been deleted from our server. Associated Photoshows will continually remain online and be accessible unless we are required to remove them due to changes in hosting or legal reasons. If this happens we will endeavour to provide an alternative service for viewing these images. If you wish us to remove any active Photoshow then you can contact us to request this.


2.1 - Special Offers

These terms apply specifically to any special offer or promotion run on the website.

2.1a. From time to time we may offer discounts or free shoots promoted via the website, Facebook and the blog. These special offers will be time limited and for a limited number of bookings. They are offered on a first come, first served basis. Care should be taken to check what is included in each individual offer as not all offers include the session fee and most don't include any products but details will always be made clear for each individual offer.

2.1b. Should you make an appointment to take advantage of a free or discounted shoot and subsequently fail to turn up for that shoot, or are unreasonably late without prior and reasonable notification we reserve the right to refuse the ability to benefit from any promised discount and we may also restrict you from benefiting from any future discounted offers from Blue Lights Photography.

2.1c. If you make an appointment to take advantage of a discounted shoot and have pre-paid a deposit, then subsequently fail to turn up for that shoot then regrettably your deposit will be forfeited under the vast majority of circumstances.

2.1d. We reserve the right to terminate any special offer to new participants at any time for any reason.

2.1e. We reserve the right to withdraw or suspend provision of the special offer if circumstances beyond our control makes it necessary. For example: emergency, illness, cancellation of venue by a third party etc. Where deposits have been paid these WILL be refunded in full or alternative arrangements made if the withdrawal or suspension is due to Blue Lights Photography.


3.1 - Competitions & Promotions, General

These terms apply specifically to any competition or promotion run on the website in addition to any terms alongside the competition or promotion itself.

3.1a. Unless otherwise stated, any competition or promotion is organised by Adele Haywood for Blue Lights Photography. For the purposes of any competition no persons within Blue Lights Photography, or affiliated in any way are allowed to enter. Unless stated within the promotion itself, previous clients and new clients ARE ELIGIBLE to enter.

3.1b. The start and end dates will be specified within the individual offer details. Entries received outside of the published timescales will not be eligible.

3.1c. No cash or other alternative is available to any prize offered.

3.1d. Data collected from any questions asked in any promotion may be used to improve Blue Lights Photography's service to you but it will not be used in any other respect or passed to any third parties. A one-off consolation prize may be offered to any losing entry in the case of competitions, however following this, any personal information collected will be securely disposed of immediately. We will not store any personal information (such as your email address) to directly market to you.

3.1e. The winning name(s) and town(s) or sub district(s) from any competition may be used by Blue Lights Photography for the purposes of announcing the winner. Pictures from any photo shoot may also be used.

3.1f. The Winner(s) in any competition will be decided by all entrants names going into a vessel and a single winning entry hand picked out. The Winner(s) will then be contacted via e-mail to decide a suitable time and date for their photoshoot, product or package to be agreed with Adele. If the winner cannot be contacted, or there is no response within 7 days then the competition will be re-drawn or terminated at our discretion.

3.1g. Unless otherwise stated, If any questions are asked as part of the entry process then you are required to answer ALL the questions for your entry to remain eligible.

3.1h. Entry is free and the winner will be under no obligation or pressure to purchase anything further from Blue Lights Photography.

3.1g. Only ONE entry per person, per email address. In the case of duplicate entries, only the first entry will be entered into the draw.

3.1h. By entering any competition or promotion you are agreeing to the above terms and the General terms of the website.

Terms v6.1 last updated May 2019