10 at-home date ideas

for valentine’s day and beyond

10 at-home date ideas for Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day – who would have thought that this year would be so completely different to last year?

Unless like me you are single and just wait for reduced chocolate the day after.

Gone are the potentials of a child-free night out and instead you are wondering how you can do something at home instead but make it special.

So I’ve collated 10 at-home date night ideas for you that you can use for Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries or even just a special date night, at home.

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1. Have a nice dinner at home, cooked by someone else.
A lot of restaurants during lockdown will be planning on Valentine’s Day Specials for Pick-up or Delivery. Why not contact one of your favourite restaurants and get booked in. You can set up your kitchen table, with a nice table cloth, candles and flowers, a nice bottle of wine (or tipple of your choice) and enjoy the restaurant food, at home.

2. Have an indoor picnic
Picnics are always a lovely date option, but February in the UK doesn’t really lend itself to an outdoor picnic. So set up inside instead. Grab a blanket and pillows, even some fairy lights or flowers around and grab some yummy picnic foods, or even order an “afternoon tea” instead.

3. Camp indoors
If you love camping, then why not set up a camp indoors for your date night instead. It doesn’t have to include the tent, but grab the air mattress and sleeping bags (or your normal duvet) and snuggle down together. You can make smores in the microwave, set up candles or fairy lights, and tell each other ghost stories, or watch scary movies.

4. Go Stargazing
Now, this may only be able to be done from your back garden, but it can even be super romantic. If you have a firepit you can toast marshmallows and snuggle together in blankets whilst it’s dark and cold. You can even use a child’s blow-up pool and fill it with blankets and pillows to snuggle in together looking at the stars.

5. Pizza & Movies
Don’t just order Pizza in, have fun in the kitchen together making your own Pizzas, and then have a movie night with some of your favourite movies!

6. Catch Up over Drinks
Now we can’t go to the pub but that doesn’t stop you from catching up over drinks. Whether you sit on the sofa, or across from each other at the table, sit and really catch up with each other without talking about the kids. You can even find some conversation starters for a good giggle too.

7. Make A Date Jar
Sit together and discuss what type of dates you would like to go on, both have choices, make some for going out, as a family, or even ideas at home. Then next time you are planning a date night dip into the Jar and pick one out – try and think of a minimum of 10 things each.

8. At Home Cheese & Wine Night
Now you can purchase different cheeses and even some different small bottles of wine. You could blindfold each other and get you to taste test it and see I you can guess which cheese is which too! If you like this idea you can normally find people online who do kits too!

9. Attend a Virtual Class
You can find virtual classes for a lot of things from fitness to virtual gin tasting and cocktail masterclasses! These are PERFECT if you are looking for something different to do!

10. Spend the night in a different room
Do you have a guest room? Or a room you hardly use, then why use this room as a “hotel” room and have a romantic hotel getaway in your own house!

Tell me, what are you planning for Valentines Day?

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