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Tips if you have a tiny Baby in Barnsley

Top Tips for if you have a Tiny Baby in Barnsley

Having a baby is such a beautiful time. It is exciting, and happy, and beautiful, and full of so many wonderful moments. But having a tiny baby in Barnsley, can be stressful, worrying, scary and leave you feeling a little bit alone. So I wanted to write a blog for you, the parents of a tiny baby in Barnsley (or anywhere relatively local) about my experience of having a tiny baby – and giving you some hints and tips to where you may be able to find things you need. Photos to take – and to hopefully make sure you enjoy the wonderful moments, without worrying too much. Whilst Harriet was 4 weeks early, she was a dinky 5lbs 4oz born in Barnsley on 04.05.2022 – she was tiny! Nothing I had packed in my hosptial bag fitted her, everything was too big – even her nappies! Where would I ever find something that fitted my tiny baby in Barnsley especially? Please don’t panic.
Barnsley Family Photographer
Clothes Quite a few shops cater for Tiny Babies in Barnsley, but, they all have their own definition of what a Tiny Baby actually is, and this is what causes the problem. Asda and Primark do their own Premature ranges from teeny-tiny 1lb clothes. Normally online, Wakefield or Meadowhall have been known to stock these, but call before. Tiny baby tends to start around 5lbs. This is what Harriet was in. Tesco, Morrisons, Next and Primark these are the ones where their Tiny Baby range is aimed around 5lbs. Harriet must have been in these 5lb clothes until she was around 6.5lbs. Asda Tiny Baby Range is 6lbs, so definately bigger and longer too. The first size at Asda is approximately 9lbs where as Next is 7.5lbs. Matalan Tiny Baby is aimed 7lbs, where as most newborn ranges start at 7.5lbs so their Tiny Baby range isnt really that tiny at all! Nappies – Size 0 I really struggled to find size 0 nappies. Pampers seemed to be the only company that anyone could find, and they only do them in small packets – which is not good when you need a lot. A friend found me a couple of packets of size 0’s of Little Angels but they were really hard to come by. None of the nappy subscription places online did size 0 nappies either which I found really frustrating. She was in size 0 Nappies til she was approximately 7 or 8lbs!  
Photographs Everything I have shown on here are just photographs I took of Harriet on my phone but in those really early days, before you have your Newborn or Baby Photoshoot planned – take these ones where you can.
  • Babies hand wrapped around your finger
  • Baby laid with your hand on them
  • Cup babies head with your hand (I was advised this by another mummy)
  • Baby against some random object to see how much they grow (teddy, or packet of wipes also works)
  • Baby in the carseat – and then take another one before you move them out of it to show how much they’ve grown.
  • In the pram base of their pushchair, or the moses basket feet at the bottom and show ALL the room they have to grow into.
If you can, I would also advise taking hand and footprints to remember how tiny they are. We went to Les Cadeaux at Darton, and I also had her hand casted within mine to really remember how tiny she was. Its all about creating memories, and as she turns one the week of writing this, she’s still dinky – but not as dinky as she was! So if you are still looking to creating memories of tiny baby in barnsley then just contact me and I will give you the advice for the best session for you 🙂