Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcements

Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcements for 2021

Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcements for 2021

Love is in the air!

I know some of you will be reading this knowing that this means one thing and one thing only – a new baby!

And what better way to spread the love, than to use the day of love to announce that a new little bundle is coming into your lives!

With current COVID-19 times, more announcements are being made online to share the excitement with a wider audience, but not everyone is sure what to say, or where to start.

So I’ve put together some ideas for you to share with your family & friends and give everyone something to look forward to in 2021!

New Year Pregnancy Announcement

Being a Newborn Photographer in Barnsley I get to see so many yummy babies!

If you are planning a 12-Week pregnancy announcement now then you’ll be around November time! How exciting a little baby here for Christmas!

Did you know that you can pencil in your due date with us for your Newborn Photoshoot from 12-week scan but I do not confirm or take any payment until your 20-Week Scan.

If you use an announcement from this blog, why not tag me in it on Facebook or tag me on Instagram @blulights_photography and get a discount on your Newborn Session with me!

You can find more ideas over on our Pinterest board too!

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