A Little Lockdown Wedding

Rachel & Will get Married at Fishlake Mill Doncaster

A Little Lockdown Wedding – Fishlake Mill Doncaster

In May 2020, I should have had my 2nd Wedding of the Season for Rachel & Will – however, they became my first Wedding of 2020 in October with their lovely little lockdown Wedding at Fishlake Mill, Doncaster.

Rachel & Will have had me booked for their wedding for quite a while, so to see them still be able to tie the knot during the uncertain times of 2020 was so lovely.

They’ve worked with me to tell me more about their Wedding from a couple’s point of view and to help you if you are wondering whether to have your own little lockdown wedding or postpone.

Would you believe that they met in 2009 at a performing arts lesson at Thomas Rotherham College and will have been together for 12 years in December 2021!

Couple outside Fishlake Mill Doncaster

So many couples are worried about whether or not to postpone their wedding and the stress that it may entail. So one of the first questions I asked them was about this.

Rachel says “Originally when we had to rearrange our May wedding we were both devastated but we still wanted to be married. At the time we foolishly thought Covid may have calmed down by October time!

When it was apparent life wasn’t going back to normal we knew we still wanted to go ahead. We’ve waited so long and we just wanted one thing in 2020 that made us happy.

Initially, we thought we would be allowed 30 guests and a few weeks (I think it was a few weeks?) before the wedding the numbers got cut down to 15.”

I remember chatting to Rachel and Will as none of us thought that Covid would still be around by October, how wrong were we?

With the original numbers of 30 guests, people working were included in the numbers, so the original plan was to only cover images afterward, and as Rachel said just a week or two before their Wedding it was slashed to 15, and people working were not included in the numbers! Talk about causing confusion and heartache!

Rachel continued to tell me about cutting numbers from 30 to 15 at such short notice “It was extremely difficult to cut numbers but everyone was very kind and understanding. We wanted limited numbers to immediate family only and the maid of honor. Sadly we had to make compromises and it meant our nieces nephews, grandad was unable to come. We made the best of it and did visit grandad on his doorstep on our way home”

Planning your wedding for 15 guests, in a different month than intended meant that quite a few things changed than Rachel & Will had originally planned.

“We planned to hold the reception in the marquee with a bbq and an evening buffet but due to the numbers, we ended up having an afternoon tea in the restaurant. We spaced the tables apart as much as we could so guests could sit in households and bubbles.

We set out the tables like a horseshoe and it happened that we could see all of our wedding guests from our table and really talk to each and every person.

It was a very short wedding day as we had our ceremony at 1 pm and by 4 pm we packed up and went home again.

We plan to have a wedding reception on our anniversary unsure if it would be first, second, or even third! It all depends on when it’s safe for gatherings again.” Rachel told me, explaining that a lot of things had to change – even the original flower choices were different!

One of the things I was keen to state to the couple at their little lockdown wedding was that I am not the Covid Police, and whilst I would call people for photographs I would not ask them to stand close (or closer) or ask them to place their hands on each other. During normal times this is something that I generally would do – however I needed to do my job as safely as possible for the guests and myself.

Luckily we had a beautiful October day, with just a teeny-tiny shower that blew over within 5 minutes.

I asked Rachel & Will what advice they had for couples contemplating a smaller Wedding this is what Rachel had to tell me…

“A small wedding was very far from what we planned as if was meant to be over 100 guests but being able to have the time to see those that came meant the world. It certainly helped us both from a nerves point of view but it was very hard to forget that the ceremony went on Facebook live and we still haven’t watched that back!

If you were thinking of opting for a small wedding we would say go for it!

It made our day feel a lot more relaxed and you get the time for each one of your guests as well as the time for each other in-between.”

Finally, I asked them what their best memory was from the day

“The best memory of the day was when we went off for a little while by ourselves just to have a little walk and catch up with each other.

We had spent all morning and driven up to the venue together but it was nice to slow down and enjoy each other and take everything in”

From a photographer’s perspective, I had a lot of reservations about the first Wedding of 2020, not just due to Covid, but it was my first Wedding in just over 10 months and everything was so different!

Once there it was such a beautiful day, a lovely wedding and despite being smaller it was still as beautiful.

I think little lockdown weddings may become more of a thing for couples who have postponed more than once moving forward but hopefully, things will be back to normal sometime soon.

Love for Rachel and Will’s Suppliers
Flowers – Forget Me Not
Hair – Cutting Room
Make Up – Charlotte Mallinder
Dress – Curvaceous Bridal
Suit – Moss Bros
Venue – Fishlake Mill
Photographer – Blue Lights Photography

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